Free-to-Fly Swimming Lessons for Kids

Free to Fly Swimming Lessons
(Free-style to Butter-Fly)

Swimming Lessons for Kids & Adults aged 6 months up

Swimming lessons save lives
Drowning continues to be a significant cause of death of young children in New Zealand.

Matt Claridgem, General Manager of Water Safety New Zealand (WSNZ) says of drownings, ‘What is particularly tragic is that we know most of the deaths by drowning could have been avoided through a positive mix of appropriate supervision of young children, greater awareness of water safety as a serious issue for all communities, and by ensuring that our youth have the opportunity to learn to swim and survive.”

Making sure your child has swimming lessons is a good start.

“Many parents start swimming lessons out of a concern for their child’s water safety,” says Swim Australia CEO Ross Gage. “Although swimming lessons are never a substitute for parental supervision, they play a crucial part in building layers of protection for young children.”

Here’s one compelling reason to have your child learn to swim by enrolling her in swimming lessons: In 2009, USA’s National Institutes of Health concluded, “Participating in formal swimming lessons was associated with an 88 percent reduction in the risk of drowning in children between the ages of one and four.”

Swimming and water safety skills

Being able to swim well is one of the greatest gifts that can be bestowed upon a child. The basic swimming and water safety skills for young children, should include:

  1. Water familiarisation, where small children explore and become comfortable in water environments, developing a respect for the water.
  2. Gaining confidence through various water activities such as “safe entries and exits, breath control, submersions, floating, propulsion with arms and legs, turning and back-floating”.
  3. Developing formal strokes so that the child can efficiently cover much greater distances.

Swimming Teacher
Cheri Cox

Over 10 years experience in teaching, after being taught to swim at the family house my parents bought with the condition that the kids learn to swim; I learnt to swim before I could even talk properly. Having a love and respect for the water I later started competing and eventually started my career in teaching other children to swim too. Having two kids of my own and being in NZ I know the importance of water safety and want not only my kids, but as many as I can, be water safe. One child who is water safe is another life saved.

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  • Weekday Normal Sessions: 10am – 2pm (text Cheri Cox to check for available timeslots)
  • Late Start Extended Catch-up Sessions: 4pm – 5pm Tuesdays 

* Subject to timeslot availability and good weather

Sponsored by Community Support Waitakere in conjunction with Free-To-Fly swimming teacher Cheri Cox
Free Introductory swimming lessons start from Friday 20 January 2023
Half Hour lessons available 10am – 2pm must be pre-booked via Cheri Cox (021 0866 3454)
Lessons are currently being held in our Laingholm based swimming pool: click here for contact details
note: Any no shows will be charged $25 per missed free lesson unless reasonable notice provided beforehand
Free introductory lessons available to first time swimmers only

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