Unconditional love and kindness are the keys to a resilient community. At the best of times things can get stressful and anxiety can spiral out of control. That is when we all need someone to talk to and gain a fresh perspective on things. Who better than a friend, neighbour, or local person with a big heart, who is willing to listen and help.  We have a number of caring & trained local volunteers, who are willing to help support people in the community. While we are not able to get physically close due to health alerts or travel constraints, there are still opportunities to connect over the phone or internet. People might feel apprehensive to call a stranger on a generic support line, but we are all locals, who are here for each other, no matter how large or small the situation.

If you or someone you know needs a LOCAL PERSON or maybe a  TRAINED COUNSELLOR to engage with then please email or phone us.

Need to Talk to a Local Person?


[email protected]


09 282 0252


Need to Talk to a Trained Counsellor?

Free call or text:

1737 (24 hours a day)

You’ll get to talk to (or text with) a TRAINED COUNSELLOR. This Government funded service is completely free.

  • Are you feeling anxious or just need someone to talk to? Call or text 1737
  • Are you feeling down or a bit overwhelmed? Call or text 1737
  • Do you know someone who is feeling out-of-sorts or depressed? Let them know they can call or text 1737

Read this Government free, 24×7 National Telehealth Service FAQs and learn more about us.

Please click here to check out the FIVE WAYS TO WELLBEING GUIDE

(If you would like to join or support our team in any way please let us know)