APC 1200VA/650W Back-UPS (AC Power Backup)

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APC Back-UPS 1200VA, 230V, AVR, 4 AU/NZ outlets

  • 4x Power Sockets
  • Power Backup for Fibre Broadband During Power Cuts
  • Refined Power Supply
  • Instant Power
  • Network Protection
  • Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR)
  • Functional ease-of-use

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Power for Fibre Router & ONT During Power Cut
APC Back-UPS 1200VA, 230V, AVR, 4 AU/NZ outlets

  • 4x Power Sockets with Power Surge Protection & Battery Backup
    Stabilizes the main electrical line voltage to your devices
  • Refined Power Supply
    Protects computer and connected devices
    from dips and spikes caused by lightning
  • Instant Power
    Instant power to your equipment the exact moment the power goes out
  • 1Gb Network Protection
    Safeguards your equipment and valuable files
    from “back door” surges traveling along data lines
    without sacrificing internet speed
  • Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR)
    Instantly corrects incoming utility power
    without utilizing the battery, saving the battery for
    when it is needed most
  • Functional ease-of-use
    Front panel LED green lights to easily tell the
    functional status

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