We Are Here to Help

Everyone needs at least one thing from others, that is love and kindness. In order to help each other we need everyone to engage and let us know what you need. It is good to put your hand up and volunteer but it is much harder for people to put their hand out and ask for some help.. Rather than thinking, “Someone else needs it more than I do.” consider changing this to, “If someone were to ask me, I would consider it a blessing to share with them .” Please bless others by sharing your needs. We have a team of volunteers ready to help with many needs, including food, financial advice, good conversations, deliveries, remote schooling, childcare, and safety advice.

Please freephone 0800 007 008 or register online so we can help you with your needs click here

We proactively OFFER HELP FOR PEOPLE WHO ARE VULNERABLE due to age, pre-existing health conditions, or GOING THROUGH A financial STRUGGLE. if you know anyone IN one of theSE catEgories then please let us know so we can check on them






free food parcel delivery

well-being support from a local person

financial & budget advice


contactless deliveries

remote schooling from home