Students should remain at home connected to distance learning rather than being sent to school. Many schools will be providing remote learning opportunities for their students. Access to a suitable device and stable internet connection is vital. Many students will by now be familiar with  WhatsApp, Zoom, Microsoft 365 Teams, and Google Classrooms.
Remote or Distance Learning is not Homeschooling, it is the normal school system but not at the physical school location. Students will still need to study and be creative, with as fewer interruptions as possible. Please allow the teachers to teach and ensure students are setup and ready to participate just like they would be doing in a normal classroom.

Schools and Early Learning / Education Centres will contact parents as they work through their plans. Provided students have proper supervision then they will be able to participate fully from the safety of their homes. Schools and teachers will keep you updated on the best learning and safest options for your children.

If you or someone you know are unable to access adequate computer and internet resources then please email or phone us. Email: [email protected] or Freephone 0800 007 008 and we will be able to assist.